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Windows Speech Recognition Macros 2.0

Windows Speech Recognition Macros uses your voice to execute useful macros
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Windows Speech Recognition Macros enhances the speech recognition capabilities in Windows Vista and Seven. In both operating systems it is possible to give spoken orders to the computer, dictate texts, and edit text files and e-mails. These macros were written by Microsoft employees, and they allow you to create and run your own macros. Then, simply by using a microphone connected to your computer, you can order it to perform a series of tasks without touching your mouse or keyboard.

This program will allow you to assign spoken commands to any task you want your computer to perform. You can avoid typing your name or e-mail address repeatedly by assigning – for instance - the word "Name" to a macro, and typing your name in it. Then, the next time you say the word "Name" the program will insert your name into the place where your mouse pointer is at that moment. The same process can be followed to create macros that trigger programs or send keystrokes. You can even use XML to create better macros.

In order to be able to download this program, your system you must prove that the installed Operating System is authentic by passing the Microsoft’s Genuine Advantage validation.

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